What is Sarva Purnam International Yoga Society?

Purna Yoga is a method of yoga for the modern man that combines many of the major yoga methods into one method-of-methods. Purnam or Purna, means integral, and Sarva means complete. The idea that the modern man can arrive at Samadhi by combining the major yoga methods into one method-of-methods is taught by many modern masters under different names. Aurobindo called it Purna Yoga, Sivananda called it the Yoga of Synthesis, and Ramana Maharshi called it Maha Yoga, or the Great Yoga. The Sarva Purnam International Yoga Society believes that this idea of synthesis should be applied to yoga accreditation as it is proven to be physically, mentally, and spiritually superior than dedication to only one style or method of Yoga. It is this idea that has been the basis of the Sarva Purnam Standards, and the Sarva Purnam stamp is a demonstration of having reached this standard.

In Hatha Yoga, the Sarva Purnam Yoga Teachers, Studios, Programs and Schools are those that integrate several styles of Hatha Yoga, rather than focusing on only one.

To be truly integral, the Sarva Purnam Yoga Teachers and Schools combine and experiment various forms of Bhakti (devotion), Jnana (philosophies), Dhyana (meditation), Hatha (asana, pranamayana, sat karma, namaskars), Raja (yoga of mind/ashtanga), Art Yoga, Yogatherapy, and Tantra (Shakti). Advanced practicioners engage in Karma Yoga under the guidance of an experienced teacher after years of practicing these forms of yoga.

We are committed to a spiritual Yoga education; one that promotes peace, joy, love, compassion, freedom, and friendliness. This is because Yoga is a spiritual endeavor, as well as a physical and mental practice.

Yours in Yoga,
The Board of Directors